Juxtance – or juxtaposition by chance – is a collection of unique screenshots appropriated from imagery shared publicly on social media sites & online newsfeeds.

Each screenshot taken is one of a kind. The pairing of images is partly created by algorithms based on settings, likes, cookies and associated stories or tags, and partly created by chance. If the image isn’t captured in the moment it is seen and the page is refreshed, the image combinations change and may never appear together again.

Art presented seriously can become humorous (or vice versa) and carefully styled selfies become unintentionally distorted when they merge into adjacent images, subverting the intentions of their makers. Media images are compared and contrasted, and could subconsciously affect the way we read the newsfeeds appearing daily on our digital streams.

The often surreal combinations on Juxtance aim to work as visual puns, teasing the brain into reflecting on overlooked or unintended links.

Juxtance is an ongoing project with its very own website and was created by photographic artist Beverley Cornwell.

Head on over to Juxtance.com to see the full project —>


(Works are updated regularly)