What’s up, DOC?

‘What’s up, DOC?’ is a short documentary film examining dissolved organic carbon (DOC) on the River Teviot, Hawick. Set to music over two acts it follows the lifecycle from formation to growth, then dissolution and formation again, of this important natural resource.

Information from the film:

What’s up, Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC)?

Decaying plants and animals release dissolved organic compounds (DOC) and these compounds lessen the surface tension of water to permit the formation of foam bubbles. Foam lines are found on the surface of streams, rivers and banks when water is strongly mixed with air at waterfalls or where fast currents of water pass over rocks.DOC can provide a key energy source in many streams as a food supplement, influencing the bioavailability of metals and other toxins and supporting the growth of microorganisms. DOC also plays an important role in the global carbon cycle.Dissolved organic carbon in marine and freshwater systems is one of the greatest cycled reservoirs of organic matter on Earth, accounting for the same amount of carbon as the atmosphere and up to 20% of all organic carbon.


Act 1. Kai Engel – 03 Irsen’s Tale

Act 2. Pictures of the Floating World – Break Through



River Teviot, Cobble Cauld, Hawick, Scotland.